Protect those who need protecting

Don’t you just love the legal system? You know the one that is there to protect children? You tell a judge that the kids are scared to spend time overnight with their father because he drinks and she says – well no-one may drink when they have care of the children but she fails to make it an order…. that’s so helpful.

A psychologist tells that judge that one of the children is at severe risk of mental health damage if forced to spend time with said father and rather than that being a warning light, oh no….let’s force the younger two to go there by telling the mother that an order for the her is an order for the children.  When those same children start displaying signs and symptoms that are extremely concerning in the please hide all knives and ropes (from the psychologist) because this child has expressed suicidal thoughts due to having to stay with said father and said father is flaming drinking …. the mother is left being able to do diddly squat. How am I meant to protect them?

How does that put their needs and welfare first?

I have never loathed anyone in my life. I’ve been abused, molested and raped and I don’t hate any of them. Him, I loathe. He is a controlling arse but presents well in court so official people buy into his, I only want what’s best for my kids spin. Yeah? Well, you heard me say the kids are scared of him when he drinks. Your daughter asked you to stop drinking and you responded ? NO.

Yeah, you totally put them first.

One child hopsitalised with bulimia and refuses to speak to him.

One child has panic attacks and self harms when told she’ll be seeing him.

One child has migraines, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and eczema flared up worse than in years since having to stay overnight.

One child has gone back to sleeping in my bed , really clingy, started night wetting again since staying overnight.


so yes, they’re all doing so well .



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